Three retiring faculty at the Craig School of Business have made a significant impact on our school and are leaving a legacy of years of work in their departments. Featured are:

  • Dr. Deborah Kemp, Professor of Business Law, who has been a faculty member since 1990
  • Dr. Rassoul Yazdipour, Professor of Finance, who has been a faculty member since 1987
  • Dr. Patricia LaRosa, Associate Professor of Business Communication, who has been a faculty member since 1988
Dr. Deborah J. Kemp (Debbie)

Dr. Deborah Kemp came to Fresno in 1990 with her family: 5 year old son, 2 month old daughter, and accounting professor husband.  She began engaging in her school and university through her teaching, service, and research.  The university and business school have grown and developed during those 30 years and she appreciates being witness to and assisting in the development of higher learning in the Fresno area.

During her time at Fresno State, Dr. Kemp taught several different various business law courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.  She also enjoyed researching and writing about various law topics including: copyright and intellectual property, environmental law, Title VIII fair housing laws, corporate social responsibility and ethics.  She published an award winning article on problems with copyright over protection. Dr. Kemp also created an international business law exercise involving international wine marketing that was performed cooperatively by students in the business school at Curtin University in Australia and students in an international business law class at the Craig School of Business.  During one of her sabbaticals, Dr. Kemp was able to learn about California’s complex water regulatory system and, with help of two business law colleagues, jointly publish an article on California’s then newly enacted Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

When I arrived there were 6 other full time tenure track business law faculty teaching some ten or more law and/or ethics courses with a legal environment option. I am grateful to have been a business law/legal environment joint faculty member with them: Paul Lange, Wayne Brooks, Jim Highsmith, David Reitzel, Lynn Forsythe, and Ida Jones. The business law/legal environment discipline at Fresno State has steadily shrunk in number of faculty and courses offered.  The legal environment option has also been eliminated.  So I was lucky to have experienced the heyday of business law at the university.

Dr. Deborah Kemp

“Dr. Deborah Kemp, has always been an effective instructor dedicated to student learning. In the area of publications and research, Dr. Kemp has been quite active and is commended especially for her expertise on business law, water law, and intellectual property law, based on which she has won many best paper awards and grants. In addition, she has consistently published in refereed journals and proceedings, and has frequently presented at professional meetings during her career.

Dr. Kemp has also established an excellent record of regular and active involvement at the university, school, and community levels. She has served on the CSB Committee on Faculty, Undergraduate Academic Program Review Subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, docent at Fresno Chaffee Zoo, etc.”

Dr. K.C. Chen, Finance and Business Law Department Faculty Chair

Dr. Rassoul Yazdipour, a Professor of Finance since 1987, has always been an educator dedicated to student learning. Dr. Yazdipour was the founder of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance and the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics. He has blogged, moderated, and managed the Behavioral Finance: Theory & Practice (BFT&P) Group, which is an International Online Behavioral Finance Research Network of over 3,000 academics, researchers, and professionals.

Dr. Yazdipour also established an excellent record of regular and active involvement at the university and school levels. He has served in several important positions such as the CSB Committee on Research and Resources, University’s Information Technology Security Committee, and the University’s Graduate Committee.

“He has always kept himself current and participated in a myriad of activities that support and enhance his teaching in the classroom. He was one of the early pioneers in online teaching.”

Dr. K.C. Chen, Finance and Business Law Department Faculty Chair

Dr. Patricia A. LaRosa has been an Associate Professor of Business Communication in the Department of Finance and Business Law since 1988.

Dr. LaRosa actively participated in numerous professional societies, including with the Association for Business Communication, National Education Association and California Teachers Association.

Dr. LaRosa has been recognized for her scholarly research and is well-known for her consulting with local businesses in the areas of marketing and branding. Dr. LaRosa has been a highly engaged and dedicated faculty with respect to service.  As the coordinator of BA105W since 2011 she worked tirelessly to improve the consistency and relevancy of content delivered in this key course.

Dr. LaRosa taught Business Communications in the first cohort of Accelerated Bachelor’s in Business Administration (ABBA) Program. Dr. LaRosa was awarded the Faculty and Staff Honor Roll which is a recognition given by California State University, Fresno’s Academic Senate for “outstanding dedication to the success of Fresno State students.”

Fresno State Army ROTC Commissioning

Fresno State’s ROTC Commissioning Ceremony.

Fresno State University’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) commissioned ten new Lieutenants on May 30, 2020 at the California National Guard’s 40th Combat Aviation Brigade unit in Fresno, California. 

The mission of the ROTC program is to commission the future officer leadership of the United States Army and motivate young people to become better citizens. Fresno State ROTC has been commissioning Lieutenants into the Army for decades and has always had a close partnership with the California National Guard to accomplish this mission. The California National Guard’s 40th CAB hosted the most recent commissioning ceremony for Fresno State ROTC so the Lieutenants could have a special live ceremony to commemorate their entry into the Army while still using safety measures against COVID- 19. 

Out of the ten new Lieutenants commissioned this weekend, three are going into the California National Guard, one into the U.S. Army Reserves in California and six are going into Active Duty status. One of the new National Guard Lieutenants, 2nd Lt. Kyle Higginbotham, will be serving the California community as both an officer in the California National Guard and as a Law Enforcement Officer. His brother is also a Fresno State Army ROTC graduate and he has multiple family members in serving as Law Enforcement Officers in California. He said he is excited to serve and protect the community as a LEO and U.S. Army National Guard officer. 

All of these new Lieutenants have spent the last four years attending Fresno State University classes while also attending rigorous physical training, volunteering in the local community, organizing and undergoing leadership field training, mentoring Junior ROTC students, and participating in leadership ROTC classes. All Cadets in Army ROTC must balance more responsibilities than regular university students in order for them to develop as professionals and enter the U.S. Army as junior leaders. 

The ten new Lieutenants have moved on from Fresno State ROTC and current cadets are off for the summer, but Fresno State Army ROTC is still open and still welcoming students who want to join us for Fall 2020 semester. Like all of the U.S. Army Cadet Command programs throughout the U.S., students can be assured they will receive the same amount of high quality leadership training and career preparation we have always provided even if labs or classes are modified for any future COVID-19 safety precautions. 

2020 Department of Marketing, Outstanding Student Award Winner, Kayle Kaesbauer

2020 Department of Marketing, Kayle Kaesbauer,
B.S. in Business Administration

The Department of Marketing at the Craig School of Business is proud to name Kayle Kaesbauer as its Outstanding Graduate. Kaesbauer has been selected due to her many achievements throughout her time at Fresno State.  She has been on both the President’s and Dean’s lists and was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.

As a business administration major, with an option in Marketing, Kaesbauer was an outstanding student and excelled in sports as well. Kaesbauer was named All-Academic Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF) Scholar-Athlete and received the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Association (IWLCA) Honor Roll Title.

Kaesbauer was a four-year member of Fresno State’s Women’s Lacrosse team. She led the team as a captain while earning multiple student-athlete awards/honors and was named ‘Most Improved Player’ of the year. Kaesbauer also helped create an active LinkedIn group for Fresno State Alumni and volunteered at William Saroyan Elementary School where she engaged with kindergarten students year-round through frequent visits, letters, and hands-on activities.  She will continue to be a leader on Fresno State’s campus as she was accepted into Fresno State’s elite MBA program.

“Qualified, committed, and diverse are the first three words that come to mind if I were hiring Craig School graduates.  We experience a variety of hands-on learning aspects that prepared us to adapt to today’s business world.”

Way to go Kayle! 

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2020 Department of Finance and Business Law, Outstanding Student Award Winner, Roman De Dios

2020 Department of Finance and Business Law, Roman De Dios,
B.S. in Business Administration

The Department of Finance and Business Law at the Craig School of Business is proud to name Roman De Dios as its Outstanding Graduate. Roman has been selected due to his many achievements throughout his time at Fresno State. Roman was involved with Fresno State’s Student Managed Investment Fund, Money Management Center and the Money Management Board.

As a business administration major, with an option in Finance, Roman was a very active student on campus.  He recently served as the President for the Student Managed Investment Fund where he had the opportunity to lead weekly meetings, pitch equity investments, and present research on ongoing trends and themes driving market activity.

Roman’s greatest achievements included providing his peers with advice concerning proper investing, saving, and debt-management strategies which oftentimes included real-world student income and figures. This gave Roman the opportunity to build relationships with faculty, staff, and peers.

While building relationships at the Craig School of Business, Roman was able to understand and appreciate lessons on commitment, responsibility, honesty, and management.

“The responsibility I learned while attending the Craig School of Business helped me stay accountable for outcomes relating to work, school, and assignments and improve when results are unsatisfactory.” 

Congratulations Roman!

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2020 Department of Accountancy, Outstanding Student Award Winner, Jasmeet Brar

2020 Department of Accountancy Award Winner, Jasmeet Brar,
B.S. in Business Administration

The Department of Accountancy at the Craig School of Business is proud to name Jasmeet K. Brar as its Outstanding Graduate. Brar, who is also obtaining a minor in Mathematics, has been selected due to her many achievements throughout her time at Fresno State.  

Brar was a recipient of the Roger Scholarship from Beta Alpha Psi.  She was a volunteer at the Punjabi School, Sikh Center, Beta Alpha Psi Gamma Omicron Chapter and the Fresno Discovery Center.  

Brar shared, “Internships and business courses gave me a solid foundation of business etiquette such as gaining communication skills, learning to prioritize my work, arriving to work with an open mind and being equipped to learn new things every day. The hands-on approach gave me a deeper understanding of the accounting industry and the various paths I can take upon completion of my bachelor’s.”

Brar believes that the more you learn, the more you know.  She hopes to gain more experience at an accounting firm after obtaining her CPA license, perhaps become a professor one day, and definitely will never stop learning. 

“This thrill of solving puzzles has motivated me to pursue a master’s
degree and continue upon the path of curiosity, discovery, and growth.”

Way to go Jasmeet! 

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2020 Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Outstanding Student Award Winner, Ali Bafagih

2020 Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Ali Bafagih,
B.S. in Business Administration

The Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences at the Craig School of Business is proud to name Ali Bafagih as its Outstanding Graduate.  Bafagih has been selected due to his many achievements and academic excellence during his time at Fresno State. 

A Business Administration major, with an option in Information Systems, Bafagih is graduating Summa Cum Laude.  His time at the Craig School of Business gave him a deep appreciation for the professors and the real-world experiences he received. 

“My time at the Craig School of Business instilled many life lessons in me.  I learned to be more confident and how to better articulate myself.” 

Bafagih entered Fresno State as a shy student, who rarely spoke in class, partly due to his impaired hearing.  After receiving a hearing aid, and pushing himself to talk to others in class motivated by his desire to succeed, Bafagih transformed into the confident and assured man he is today!

Bafagih has been working for Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) company as an IT Infrastructure PM for the past year where he is responsible for managing many projects with varying complexity.  Bafagih is planning to move up the ladder at PG&E and would like to pursue project management certifications (including but not limited to PMP) and an MBA.

“I am thankful for the professors at the Craig School of Business.  They don’t limit the students to only textbook material, instead, they find ways to incorporate elements of the real world by introducing us to projects that are relevant to things we may be engaged in after graduation.”

Congratulations Ali! 

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2020 Department of Management, Outstanding Student Award Winner, Alysa Mo

2020 Department of Management Winner, Alysa Mo,
B.S. in Business Administration

The Department of Management at the Craig School of Business is proud to name Alysa Mo as its Outstanding Graduate. Mo has been selected due to her many achievements throughout her time at Fresno State.  Mo was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Beta Gamma Sigma business honors society, and Phi Kappa Phi Academics Honors Society.  She was on the President’s List each year while attending Fresno State.

As a business administration major, with an option in Management, Mo was a very active student on campus.  She participated in Mock Trial where she served as a team captain and was awarded an All-Region Attorney award at the 2020 regional competition.  Mo served on the Board of Directors for the University Student Union (USU) as Vice-Chair and was in Phi Alpha Delta, where she served as Chair of the Community Service Committee in addition to previous roles as Vice President and Secretary. 

During Mo’s college experience one of her greatest achievements was participating on the USU Board of Directors.  Mo was able to participate and gain real-world experience with the involvement in the development of the new Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Union.

“It has been the greatest honor to be a part of a project that will exist for decades after my time as a student at Fresno State.” 

Congratulations to Alysa Mo!

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2020 Inspiration Award Winner, Ashley Olson

2020 Inspiration Award Winner, Ashley Olson,
B.S. in Business Administration

Interim Dean Julie Olson-Buchanan of the Craig School of Business is honored to announce Ashley Olson as a Craig School of Business 2020 Inspiration Award Winner!  This month Olson is graduating cum laude in business administration degree, with an option in Marketing. She is well-recognized for her academic success and her campus involvement.  An active member of the Craig Business Scholars, Olson also served as Senator for the Craig School of Business for Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) and as Vice-Chair of its Finance Committee. 

However, in October of 2016, it didn’t look like Olson would be able to continue her education, let alone engage in campus life at such a high level. Olson suffered a seizure while sleeping that, after several consultations, was initially diagnosed as stress-related. Several months and more seizures later, Olson was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy. This initial diagnosis would bring further tests, specialists, and more. This health journey has taken a significant toll over the last four years on both Olson and her family.

Olson states, “My dad had to quit his job to drive me to campus because once diagnosed with epilepsy, legally, licenses are put on hold until cleared by a doctor. Being a commuter student, I had no idea how I would be able to handle all of this on top of my academics and commitments to Fresno State. I never played the “poor me” card to anyone or anything because I knew that with persistence and determination that everything would happen the way it was supposed to.”

Today Olson is two years seizure-free but is still under the care of a neurologist as a clinical trial patient and graduating with honors alongside many other accomplishments. She hopes her story can be a testament that persistence and determination truly payoff. 

Congratulations Ashley!  You are an inspiration to us all.

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2020 Inspiration Award Winner, Jameson Krauthammer

2020 Inspiration Award Winner, Jameson Krauthammer,
B.A. in Economics

The Craig School of Business is proud to name Jameson Krauthammer as one of its Inspiration Awardees.  This award is given to Craig School of Business students who exemplify persistence and determination throughout their collegiate career.  Krauthammer is graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts in Economics and has been very active in campus and community activities.

During the summer of 2016, Krauthammer’s father suffered a series of ­­­­strokes, the last of which rendered him non-verbal and unable to move on his own. Since that time, Krauthammer and his mother have become his primary care providers, rendering 24-hour care. While this abrupt added responsibility was unexpected when entering his first year at Fresno State, Krauthammer remained committed to furthering his education despite this obstacle.

Krauthammer states, “Many times, I came home from classes to relieve my mother for a few hours before heading to night shifts at a local hospital. While I had always been interested in medicine since becoming a young adult, taking care of my father as a full-time student reinforced a sense of perseverance and dedication like no other. I was able to see both sides of caring for someone during this time, and that really reinforced my decision to pursue medicine.”

Beginning this past year, Krauthammer’s father has faced a new challenge to his health.  This has not discouraged Krauthammer, but has pushed him to work even harder.

“Coping with these setbacks has not been without its challenges. Remaining steadfast in my pursuit of education for the sake of benefiting others allows me to understand what it means to be a student for life”, said Krauthammer.

Krauthammer has not only cared for his father but has made time to be an engaged and active student on campus. Krauthammer is President and manager of the Fresno State Men’s Soccer club, leading the team to multiple statewide competitions and tournaments. He was also a Director of Fundraising for the American Medical Student Association, Lead Oral Presenter for undergraduate research at Clovis College, and teaches pro bono musical arts.

Congratulations Jameson!!! Thank you for being a leader and inspiration to all! 

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2020 Undergraduate Student Dean’s Medalist, Navdeep Gill

2020 Undergraduate Dean’s Medalist Award Winner, Navdeep Gill,
B.A. in Economics

Interim Dean Julie Olson-Buchanan of the Craig School of Business is honored to announce Navdeep Gill as the 2020 Craig School of Business Undergraduate Dean’s Medalist.

The Fresno State Deans select the college and school medalists based upon academic excellence, community involvement, and other achievements.  Gill was named an awardee this week along with nine other outstanding students across the University. 

“My circumstances don’t define me.  I am a first generation Indian-American, Sikh woman.  I am a transfer student; a community-college alumni. I am someone who has been told that she needs to have “realistic dreams” instead of aspiring for greatness. And I am someone who has faced significant personal, financial, and cultural obstacles in order to be where I am today. My circumstances don’t define what I will do, nor do they define who I will become.  My time at Fresno State says otherwise.”

Gill, of Tulare, completed a B.A. in economics with a 4.0 GPA. Gill is a first-generation college student who transferred from the College of the Sequoias to Fresno State.  The daughter of Indian immigrants, Gill worked part time and navigated the higher education system on her own to apply for financial aid and scholarships that helped finance her entire college career, leaving her debt free.  She was active in student organizations including the University Student Union Board of Directors, Fresno State Mock Trial and Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity.  Gill was an intern for The Maddy Institute and was a congressional intern for the Fresno District Office of Senator Kamala D. Harris. She was the Outstanding Graduate for the Department of Economics this year.  Gill plans to become an attorney focusing on public interest law or corporate law.  She wants to return to the Central Valley to advocate for undeserved communities.

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