Three retiring faculty at the Craig School of Business have made a significant impact on our school and are leaving a legacy of years of work in their departments. Featured are:

  • Dr. Deborah Kemp, Professor of Business Law, who has been a faculty member since 1990
  • Dr. Rassoul Yazdipour, Professor of Finance, who has been a faculty member since 1987
  • Dr. Patricia LaRosa, Associate Professor of Business Communication, who has been a faculty member since 1988
Dr. Deborah J. Kemp (Debbie)

Dr. Deborah Kemp came to Fresno in 1990 with her family: 5 year old son, 2 month old daughter, and accounting professor husband.  She began engaging in her school and university through her teaching, service, and research.  The university and business school have grown and developed during those 30 years and she appreciates being witness to and assisting in the development of higher learning in the Fresno area.

During her time at Fresno State, Dr. Kemp taught several different various business law courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.  She also enjoyed researching and writing about various law topics including: copyright and intellectual property, environmental law, Title VIII fair housing laws, corporate social responsibility and ethics.  She published an award winning article on problems with copyright over protection. Dr. Kemp also created an international business law exercise involving international wine marketing that was performed cooperatively by students in the business school at Curtin University in Australia and students in an international business law class at the Craig School of Business.  During one of her sabbaticals, Dr. Kemp was able to learn about California’s complex water regulatory system and, with help of two business law colleagues, jointly publish an article on California’s then newly enacted Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

When I arrived there were 6 other full time tenure track business law faculty teaching some ten or more law and/or ethics courses with a legal environment option. I am grateful to have been a business law/legal environment joint faculty member with them: Paul Lange, Wayne Brooks, Jim Highsmith, David Reitzel, Lynn Forsythe, and Ida Jones. The business law/legal environment discipline at Fresno State has steadily shrunk in number of faculty and courses offered.  The legal environment option has also been eliminated.  So I was lucky to have experienced the heyday of business law at the university.

Dr. Deborah Kemp

“Dr. Deborah Kemp, has always been an effective instructor dedicated to student learning. In the area of publications and research, Dr. Kemp has been quite active and is commended especially for her expertise on business law, water law, and intellectual property law, based on which she has won many best paper awards and grants. In addition, she has consistently published in refereed journals and proceedings, and has frequently presented at professional meetings during her career.

Dr. Kemp has also established an excellent record of regular and active involvement at the university, school, and community levels. She has served on the CSB Committee on Faculty, Undergraduate Academic Program Review Subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, docent at Fresno Chaffee Zoo, etc.”

Dr. K.C. Chen, Finance and Business Law Department Faculty Chair

Dr. Rassoul Yazdipour, a Professor of Finance since 1987, has always been an educator dedicated to student learning. Dr. Yazdipour was the founder of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance and the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics. He has blogged, moderated, and managed the Behavioral Finance: Theory & Practice (BFT&P) Group, which is an International Online Behavioral Finance Research Network of over 3,000 academics, researchers, and professionals.

Dr. Yazdipour also established an excellent record of regular and active involvement at the university and school levels. He has served in several important positions such as the CSB Committee on Research and Resources, University’s Information Technology Security Committee, and the University’s Graduate Committee.

“He has always kept himself current and participated in a myriad of activities that support and enhance his teaching in the classroom. He was one of the early pioneers in online teaching.”

Dr. K.C. Chen, Finance and Business Law Department Faculty Chair

Dr. Patricia A. LaRosa has been an Associate Professor of Business Communication in the Department of Finance and Business Law since 1988.

Dr. LaRosa actively participated in numerous professional societies, including with the Association for Business Communication, National Education Association and California Teachers Association.

Dr. LaRosa has been recognized for her scholarly research and is well-known for her consulting with local businesses in the areas of marketing and branding. Dr. LaRosa has been a highly engaged and dedicated faculty with respect to service.  As the coordinator of BA105W since 2011 she worked tirelessly to improve the consistency and relevancy of content delivered in this key course.

Dr. LaRosa taught Business Communications in the first cohort of Accelerated Bachelor’s in Business Administration (ABBA) Program. Dr. LaRosa was awarded the Faculty and Staff Honor Roll which is a recognition given by California State University, Fresno’s Academic Senate for “outstanding dedication to the success of Fresno State students.”

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