Fresno State Army ROTC Commissioning

Fresno State’s ROTC Commissioning Ceremony.

Fresno State University’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) commissioned ten new Lieutenants on May 30, 2020 at the California National Guard’s 40th Combat Aviation Brigade unit in Fresno, California. 

The mission of the ROTC program is to commission the future officer leadership of the United States Army and motivate young people to become better citizens. Fresno State ROTC has been commissioning Lieutenants into the Army for decades and has always had a close partnership with the California National Guard to accomplish this mission. The California National Guard’s 40th CAB hosted the most recent commissioning ceremony for Fresno State ROTC so the Lieutenants could have a special live ceremony to commemorate their entry into the Army while still using safety measures against COVID- 19. 

Out of the ten new Lieutenants commissioned this weekend, three are going into the California National Guard, one into the U.S. Army Reserves in California and six are going into Active Duty status. One of the new National Guard Lieutenants, 2nd Lt. Kyle Higginbotham, will be serving the California community as both an officer in the California National Guard and as a Law Enforcement Officer. His brother is also a Fresno State Army ROTC graduate and he has multiple family members in serving as Law Enforcement Officers in California. He said he is excited to serve and protect the community as a LEO and U.S. Army National Guard officer. 

All of these new Lieutenants have spent the last four years attending Fresno State University classes while also attending rigorous physical training, volunteering in the local community, organizing and undergoing leadership field training, mentoring Junior ROTC students, and participating in leadership ROTC classes. All Cadets in Army ROTC must balance more responsibilities than regular university students in order for them to develop as professionals and enter the U.S. Army as junior leaders. 

The ten new Lieutenants have moved on from Fresno State ROTC and current cadets are off for the summer, but Fresno State Army ROTC is still open and still welcoming students who want to join us for Fall 2020 semester. Like all of the U.S. Army Cadet Command programs throughout the U.S., students can be assured they will receive the same amount of high quality leadership training and career preparation we have always provided even if labs or classes are modified for any future COVID-19 safety precautions. 

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