2020 Inspiration Award Winner, Ashley Olson

2020 Inspiration Award Winner, Ashley Olson,
B.S. in Business Administration

Interim Dean Julie Olson-Buchanan of the Craig School of Business is honored to announce Ashley Olson as a Craig School of Business 2020 Inspiration Award Winner!  This month Olson is graduating cum laude in business administration degree, with an option in Marketing. She is well-recognized for her academic success and her campus involvement.  An active member of the Craig Business Scholars, Olson also served as Senator for the Craig School of Business for Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) and as Vice-Chair of its Finance Committee. 

However, in October of 2016, it didn’t look like Olson would be able to continue her education, let alone engage in campus life at such a high level. Olson suffered a seizure while sleeping that, after several consultations, was initially diagnosed as stress-related. Several months and more seizures later, Olson was eventually diagnosed with epilepsy. This initial diagnosis would bring further tests, specialists, and more. This health journey has taken a significant toll over the last four years on both Olson and her family.

Olson states, “My dad had to quit his job to drive me to campus because once diagnosed with epilepsy, legally, licenses are put on hold until cleared by a doctor. Being a commuter student, I had no idea how I would be able to handle all of this on top of my academics and commitments to Fresno State. I never played the “poor me” card to anyone or anything because I knew that with persistence and determination that everything would happen the way it was supposed to.”

Today Olson is two years seizure-free but is still under the care of a neurologist as a clinical trial patient and graduating with honors alongside many other accomplishments. She hopes her story can be a testament that persistence and determination truly payoff. 

Congratulations Ashley!  You are an inspiration to us all.

Click here to learn more about Olson and the other Craig School of Business outstanding graduates!

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