2020 Inspiration Award Winner, Jameson Krauthammer

2020 Inspiration Award Winner, Jameson Krauthammer,
B.A. in Economics

The Craig School of Business is proud to name Jameson Krauthammer as one of its Inspiration Awardees.  This award is given to Craig School of Business students who exemplify persistence and determination throughout their collegiate career.  Krauthammer is graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor of arts in Economics and has been very active in campus and community activities.

During the summer of 2016, Krauthammer’s father suffered a series of ­­­­strokes, the last of which rendered him non-verbal and unable to move on his own. Since that time, Krauthammer and his mother have become his primary care providers, rendering 24-hour care. While this abrupt added responsibility was unexpected when entering his first year at Fresno State, Krauthammer remained committed to furthering his education despite this obstacle.

Krauthammer states, “Many times, I came home from classes to relieve my mother for a few hours before heading to night shifts at a local hospital. While I had always been interested in medicine since becoming a young adult, taking care of my father as a full-time student reinforced a sense of perseverance and dedication like no other. I was able to see both sides of caring for someone during this time, and that really reinforced my decision to pursue medicine.”

Beginning this past year, Krauthammer’s father has faced a new challenge to his health.  This has not discouraged Krauthammer, but has pushed him to work even harder.

“Coping with these setbacks has not been without its challenges. Remaining steadfast in my pursuit of education for the sake of benefiting others allows me to understand what it means to be a student for life”, said Krauthammer.

Krauthammer has not only cared for his father but has made time to be an engaged and active student on campus. Krauthammer is President and manager of the Fresno State Men’s Soccer club, leading the team to multiple statewide competitions and tournaments. He was also a Director of Fundraising for the American Medical Student Association, Lead Oral Presenter for undergraduate research at Clovis College, and teaches pro bono musical arts.

Congratulations Jameson!!! Thank you for being a leader and inspiration to all! 

Click here to learn more about Krauthammer and the other Craig School of Business outstanding graduates!

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